What is the MYAIRRIGHTS commitment?

Claiming can be a long and complex process. There are several factors that can make one case completely different from another. We promise you to tell them. So you know details that can become important along the way.

We care about you until the end We want you to join us too.

We put a lot of time and effort into each claim. That means we bet on your case. We carry it because we are convinced that we will get your compensation. We will accompany you all the way and in the end the effort will have been worth it.

We only charge if the claim is successful.

We promise to reach the end. During the process we take care of all the expenses that may arise. You will not have to pay us anything. At the end of the claim you will receive your compensation and we will charge our share.

If the Airline contacts you.

The first step is for the company to know your claim and that we will represent you. In some cases the company could contact you directly. In that case, you need to tell us, to continue representing you.

The thing can be lengthened a bit.

Claiming can be a long process. We try to streamline our procedures, but in legal proceedings it is not always easy to know how long a case can last. The times of justice are not in our hands and we cannot control the speed with which cases are resolved in the courts.

We promise to inform you.

We will send you notifications of any change in the status of your claim. In addition, we will be happy to help you if you have questions.

If you decide to leave it.

Once the claim has started, you can leave the process at any time. But you must bear in mind that, in that case, we would have to collect the part corresponding to the expenses invested in the process.