About Us


Myairrights founded to address customers’ bad experiences with airlines. These bad experiences include, Flight delay and/or cancellation, lost or damage luggage and much more. Myairrights may not be able to address the root cause of the problem. However, it is founded to address the customer rights of obtaining the entitled compensation from the airline in relation to the caused damage or inconvenience.

As the Air Travel industry grows, European Union countries, Egypt and Saudi Arabia did recognize the passenger rights in claiming a compensation for disruptions, property loss or damage and/or bad experiences. These countries now regulated and enforced the compensation by laws. Airlines are obliged as per the law to compensate passengers under certain conditions.

Our role in the process is to take the burden off the passenger starting by case filing till receiving compensation and simply send us their details and we do all the work for our customers at a minimal margin profit from the received compensation.

The founders of myairrights collectively have more than 40 years of experience in the Air Transport industry and are passionate about what they are doing. We value customer experience and will make sure you experience with us is smooth and profitable.

We are a registered LLC. Company in Egypt and have ambitious expansion plans around the world.

Our Vision

To make the compensation experience as easy as just sending some details out.

“In myairrights, we just need couple of information to be able to assess compensation eligibility. Once we made sure all provided details are good enough for the compensation, we will contact the airline, open the necessarily files, and follow up till the compensation is credited to our customers. So, we do all the job for you, to allow you to relax and get your rights easily. We will be creating a status update as we work through your case, so you are not kept in the dark or keep ringing us or sending emails. We value your time and we will keep you updated online with our file tracking option. ”

Our Mission

To acquire passenger compensation entitlement effortlessly and at no cost to the passenger, through using our professional services.

In myairrights, we believe passenger time is of an essence and we use our expertise to complete all the required paper work, communication and follow up, so the passenger doesn’t have to waste his/her time and may not achieve a positive result. We aim to challenge ourselves to make the process at no time or cost our customers.