Having the holidays organized, the hotel booked and the excursions planned and canceling your flight can cause you great harm. In this post we tell you how to claim a flight when it is canceled and what rights you have as a passenger.
The causes of a flight cancellation can be varied: a strike, a weather problem, a technical problem ... But they can harm you both if you travel for leisure or if you do it for work.

What am I entitled to if my flight is canceled?
The first thing that the airline that has canceled the flight will have to give you is a solution, which can be the reimbursement of the cost of the ticket or the exchange for another plane ticket .
In addition to the above, they must offer you an alternative transport to your destination . Generally, people are usually relocated from flights canceled on other flights, even from other companies or transported by other means (bus or train, if possible).
Along with the above, the airline must pay the living expenses (food and drinks) and accommodation, in addition to the phone calls you must make and other expenses.
In order to claim expenses it is important that you save all tickets and invoices that justify payment.
The compensation by the airline, in cases of flight cancellation, is not paid in two cases:
• When the cancellation is due to “exceptional circumstances”. It is a somewhat broad concept that refers to meteorological circumstances that prevent flying, for example.
• In the event that the company reports the cancellation well in advance. Generally, two weeks from the time of departure.
How to claim the canceled flight?
Many times we do not claim because we do not know our rights as passengers (ECAA published passenger protection regulation and also GACA also have a passenger protection regulation at KSA , informs you of the rights of the passenger on its website ) or because we are lazy for the time it takes to make the claim, but enforcing our rights is essential for them to be respected and to compensate for the damages caused by a cancellation of a flight.
These are the steps to claim a canceled flight:
• Request a claim sheet at the counter of the airport company.
• In the event that the company does not have claim sheets you can write a letter and tell everything that happened. Another option is to submit the claim by email or through the claim form on the company's website.
• When making the claim you should consider the following aspects:
o Account what happened in an orderly manner, with detail and attached copy of the documents that justify each event (airline tickets, invoices and expense tickets made etc.)
o Do not forget to put your contact information (phone, address and email).
• In the case that you do not receive a response or are not satisfied with what the company offers you, you can insist and send another letter and if the company does not yield, you have the option of going to court and filing a lawsuit.
You already know how to claim an airline, but keep in mind that the process takes time and requires an effort to get you compensated for the damages caused. If you do not want to be aware of this process you can always ask us for help .