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      • Fees : 0€
      • time-consuming
      • paper-work
      • small chance of success
      • high stress factor

      • Fees : 0€
      • only 3 minutes
      • Speak same language
      • high chance of success
      • absolutely hassle -free


      • Fees : Several Hundred Euros
      • time-consuming
      • paper-work
      • experience unknown
      • high stress factor

      How long it takes?

      We do our best to get your money back as quickly as possible. Myairrights do everything possible to simplify the management, the deadlines depend more on the times of the Airlines and the trial. Ideally, you receive your compensation quickly, although sometimes times are not in our hands.

      How much?

      You do not have to pay in advance anything to claim your compensation. We take care.
      We advance all the expenses of your flight claim and then deduct them from the compensation. If we lose the case you pay nothing. Yes, you read correctly, we assume the costs of everything if we lose your claim.

      We only charge if you win
      If we get the airline to recognize your rights, you would get the amount claimed minus the following fees.


      of the compensation received (+ VAT)

      Know Your Rights

      If you have problems with a flight, you have the right to claim and receive compensation. We Know your rights as a passenger and we defend them until you get your money back.

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